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Who I am


My name is Katherine Duncan. Unlike many people, I would not consider myself very different online than how I am in the real life. I am what many people call adorkable, but that barely describes me. I am a geek, a dork, a fan, an otaku, you name it. I watch anime, read fan fiction, play visual novels and dating sims, love fantasy and sci-fi, etc.

I find that one of the most popular stereotypes is that since I am a female fan of anime, I must be a Yaoi (Boy x Boy love stories) fanatic. I will admit to reading and enjoying one of these stories, but I am not a huge fan of these stories.

Related to that, a stereotype about female fan fiction readers is that they love reading slash, which is like Yaoi. Like the stereotype of Yaoi, I am not a fan of slash. Slash and Yaoi are often about the sex. When I read any story about romance, whether hetrosexual, homosexual, or the like, I don’t care about the sex. I like reading about the relationship between the two lovers. Sex isn’t the main deal for me. It can be there, I just don’t want it to be the main part of the story.

Related to that, when I play dating sims, I play them for the stories. If there is sex, i just fast forward through it. some games actually let you censor it, and i often take that option. It is also why I will never watch hentai. It’s anime porn. I will never watch porn.
I find that a lot of anime sexualises females. In small doses, this is something I can stand. To be fair, nudity is a sign of purity in Japan. It’s just cultural differences. That being said, when it is excessive, I annoys me to no end. This is why I can’t stand anime like Eiken or High School of the Dead. Excessive fan service turns me off.

Related to my love of anime, I submitted an audition for a anime spoof. I never got any reply. It was really cool, however, as I love voice acting.

This is one of my audition lines.


While I am terrified of publishing my older fan fiction, for fear of being ridiculed, I love reading fan fiction. I read these because, usually, I love the products they come from. Some of my favorite genres in particular are Alternative Universe (AU) and Fluff. I recently found the very interesting genre of Reader Inserts, where the fan fiction takes place from your own point of view, which is surprisingly pretty cool.

I love fantasy and sci-fi. I have been raised from birth to love to love these genres. at one point during my childhood, that’s all I would read and watch. Even now, most of my favorite movies, games, anime, and books are these genres.

As you can see below, I love to draw. Anime has radically inspired my art style. When I draw, I usually draw in a anime style, though sometimes I try something else.

My love of Anime and Japanese visual novels also inspires me to create my own visual novels. I use a free to use program called Ren’Py. It is very good for making these games. I also often ring royalty free music, royalty free character sprites, and stock backgrounds. I am trying to make my own sprites, but my picture editor will not let me make PNGS.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 1.46.41 PM

I have created multiple games, none of which have been released. I learnt about the program when I decided to, for high school science, learn how to use a program to make visual novels. I mostly created romance games. One of my games, specifically made for science class, was designed to teach played about Python, the program used to create Ren’Py.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 1.45.59 PM

I also experimented in another game to see if movies could be used in Ren’Py. They could. In that same game, i experimented with branching paths of a sort. In the game, there is one god ending, and two bad endings. The first decision to make in the game includes the choice for the good ending, the choice for bad ending one, or a choice that has you run away from the problem, but to be confronted by it again. Then you have another decision. This time there are two choices. One choice leads to the good ending. the other leads to bad ending two.


So in the end, I am many things. I am an otaku, a gamer, a nerd, a dork, etc. Whatever you call me, I am Katherine Duncan.