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AMV Making

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When I have free time, I sometimes go on iMovie and start making short AMVs (Anime Music Video). Despite the name, the sources used aren’t always anime. They are inspired by AMV Hell. AMV Hell is a series in which AMVs are shot and sweet. They are usually under a minute, and are often played for comedy. In fact, it inspired a lot of AMVs. Often, when AMVs do the short, parody style, they are often called “AMV Hell Style.”

For example of one of the official videos, watch this below. Beware of some cursing and dark comedy.


 MadevilAMV Hell The Best of AMV Minis.” Online video clip. Vimeo. n. d. Web. 4 Nov. 2014.

I was also inspired by AMV Hell. Like I said earlier, during my free time, I often use iMovie to make AMV Hell like videos. Actually, I considered submitting some of these for the official AMV Hell, but the submission deadline had passed.

I've made a lot of video.

I’ve made a lot of videos. I used my computer to take a screenshot.

I will show you some of them below.

The first is one of my favorites. The visual is from the video game Kingdom Hearts, and the audio is from both Kingdom Hearts and the web show Atop the Fourth Wall. It’s not perfect, like with lip sync. However, whenever I show it to people, they seem to find it pretty funny.


The next one is pretty good, but I think it could use some work. The timing feels a bit off. however, I find it pretty clever and funny. The visuals are from the film Spirited Away, and the audio is the Nintendo Gamecube boot up screen. I called it simply “Fall”


Next up is one that I think fails. I tried to make it funny, but I don’t give the context about it, so anyone who doesn’t know what it’s talking about will be lost. The visuals are from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and the audio is a text to speech program reading the poem from Shrek, and proclaiming it bullshit. Also, the lip sync is off. Though, there are worse than this.


Next up is another Pony AMV. The audio it uses both Pony and a text to speech program an However, it works better because what I’m making fun off can be seen in the video itself, with how Applejack’s freckles seem to disappear when she runs. Warning, some cursing in the video.


With the next Pony video, I tried to be more random. I feel like it didn’t work as it tried to be too random and not funny. the audio is from both Pony and Super Smash Bros Melee.


The next one I believe balances out randomness with being funny. The visuals are from Sailor Moon, and the audio is all from dialogue I typed out and had a text to speech program read. To add to the hilarity, I used a picture of Kyon from Haruhi Suzimia face palming, with a fail logo placed over it, and a buzzer sound.


The next video was more of a test for lip sync The visuals are again from Sailor Moon, and the audio is from The Stanley Parable. I feel like it turned out pretty funny.  There’s just something about seeing the main character’s mentor get fed up with her stupidity.


Here’s one that isn’t trying to be AMV hell, and more of a music video. I tried to do one that wasn’t trying to be funny, but, again, more of a music video. It was also a lip sync test. I really need to work to my lip sync. It’s not perfect and it may go on too long. The visuals are from Winx Club and the audio is the song Lost Carol from Silent Hill 3.


Finally, another one that isn’t trying to be AMV hell, and is more of a music video. I liked this one more than the other one. Sometimes I felt like it wasn’t entirely matching up, but that wasn’t common. I didn’t even try with lip sync this time. (Except in some places) The visuals are from Winx Club again and the audio is the song H.T. from the anime Trigun.


As you can see, I really like making these videos. I’ve made a ton of these, and I’ll likely make many more.