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While surfing the internet, I found this curious article:

Mayim Bialik: Why My Sons and I Hate the Movie “Frozen”

The article slams the movie Frozen, and Mayim Bialik explains why she hates it.

I don’t think she’s wrong to not like the film. That’s an opinion. I just want to offer my own counterpoint to her points.

Her first point was that the film’s plot was not feminist at all. She states that the main goal of the film was another romance, like most Disney films.

My argument to that is that, no, the romance is not the main point of the film. In fact, it’s a subplot in the film!

Frozen is actually about the sisters love for each other. It is not a true love’s kiss that saves the day, but an act of sisterly love.



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And even with the romance, there’s no marriage at the end. The couple  ends up seemingly dating. And until the day comes that Disney makes a princess movie with no love interest or a same sex love interest, I think a realistic portrayal of dating is a step in the right direction.

Her second point is that it promotes man bashing.

Now before I offer my counterpoint, this below should warn you if you haven’t seen the movie.

Now in the movie, Anna, the main character, has been locked away all her life. So when she finally meets other people, she instantly falls in love with the first man she sees, which is Prince Hans.Hans and Anna decide to get married, which everyone else in the movie calls them out for. It looks like Disney is poking fun at itself with this.

Even with that, Hans, at first, seems to be a really awesome guy. He helps Anna, watches the kingdom while she’s off trying to find her sister, and tries to bring the sister back herself after Anna doesn’t return.

After Anna’s heart has been struck with ice, it’s stated the only an act of true love can save her. The characters assume that means true love’s kiss. Anna returns to Hans, hoping to share true love’s kiss with him.

And then this scene happens:


Copyright Disney

That’s right, Hans is EVIL. He’s a manipulative, back-stabbing, son of a bitch. He pretended to love her so that he could get the throne.

Mayim Bialik was annoyed at this plot twist because it implied that  men can’t be trusted, and that it was too confusing for kids.

That is where I disagree.

Hans is an example of what can happen if you try the whole “love at first sight” thing in real life. People like Hans exist. Instead of promoting something that could hurt them, like many early Disney Princess films, why don’t we show that love takes time?

Mayim Bialik’s final point was, admittedly, a fair one. She complains about how the female characters are stylized. She complains about how they have huge eyes, tiny noses, thin waits, etc. She says they look like dolls.

And true, most media do tend to portray females like that, and there is room for improvement.

However, the characters are stylized.

Huge eyes? Has this lady seen anime?


And to be truthful, the characters could be much worse. Be thankful that Anna and Elsa weren’t designed by someone like Rob Liefeld.


Again, I don’t think Mayim Bialik is wrong to not like the film. That’s her opinion. However, as a feminist, I feel like we should engage in calm, rational argument. I just wanted to offer a counterpoint.

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