Some of my guilty pleasures

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As a gamer, nerd, geek, etc, of course I have come across things that I would feel guilty about, yet still enjoy. I have this theory that everything is someone’s guilty pleasure.

It’s mostly video games, but there are a few other things in here. Granted, there’s probably more of these, but here are some of my guilty pleasures:

  • 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue (2000)


Odino. Disney’s 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue. Digital Image. Gamefaqs. CBS Interactive. Web. 16 Oct 2014.

I know what your thinking about. A playstation kids game? A licensed product, clearly made to make a quick buck? I know that these sort of things don’t have the best of reputations. But this game is surprisingly good for one that’s plot includes the line “Cruella’s used her legion of robotic toys to kidnap all the pets in England!”


…I wish I was kidding…

…I wish I was kidding…

Anyway, the gameplay is fun and the graphics are decent. This was one of the first games I truly played as a kid. Even now, When I sometime play this game to relax.

  • Winx Club (2004-Ongoing)


Generic_Group01. Digital Image. Michaelsfavorites2. Powweb, Web. 17 Oct 2014

The series has become a part of my childhood. It was the Sailor Moon of my childhood. Although one could argue that the main character is a Mary Sue, some of the choices this show makes is questionable, that it’s unquestionably a series set at young girls, and with the absolutely terrible fifth season (THE MAIN VILLAIN IS POWERED BY POLLUTION?!?), I can’t help but love this series.

  • Shadow the Hedgehog (2005)

Xcarvenger. Shadow the Hedgehog. Digital Image. Gamefaqs. CBS Interactive. Web. 16 Oct 2014.

Would you believe this was my first Sonic the Hedgehog game I ever played? Yeah, not the best start. The gameplay is wonky, the dialogue can be awkward (“Where that DAMN fourth chaos emerald?”, and “Find the computer room!” come to mind), and it can be unintentionally hilarious at times.That said, I genuinely enjoy the game. In fact, I actually like the story mode! And it’s nowhere near as bad as the next sonic game:

Sonic the Hedgehog Next-Gen Box Art. Digital Image. Wikipedia. Wikipedia. 3 July 2010. Web. 17 Oct 2014.

Sonic the Hedgehog Next-Gen Box Art. Digital Image. Wikipedia. Wikipedia. 3 July 2010. Web. 17 Oct 2014.


  • Sister Princess (2001)

Sister Princess. Digital Image. Animenewsnetwork. Anime News Network. Web. 17 Oct 2014.

This show isn’t actually bad, but it is slow. Nothing really happens. It’s just the adventures of a guy with his 12 sisters. Even when the last couple of episodes try to have a plot, it kinda falls flat. There is also the *cough* reputation this series has. When I talk to people about this series, I have to stress that nothing like that happens in this series. However, that reputation, along with the very slow pace, scares off some people, and I can’t say I don’t understand.

But with that said, the series is so darn cute! It’s what I watch when I want to watch simple comedic fluff.

  • Barbie Mariposa (2008):

Barbie Mariposa. Digital Image. Wikipedia. Wikipedia. 14 May 2008. Web. 17 Oct 2014.

Yes, it’s Barbie. I know that you think I’ve gone mad, haven’t i? Well, this is my list of guilty pleasures.

Actually, I love a lot of the Barbie movies. I grew up with them, and there’s something about them. They are aimed at very young girls, but most of them don’t feel too childish. Are there those I don’t like? Yes. Some of them are boring, and I haven’t been interested in the more recent films. That doesn’t stop me from loving the ones I do love, though.

Mariposa is probably my favorite because of this feeling in it. It actually feels like something is at stake. I mean, how many Barbie movies have a NightmareFuel TVTropes page?

  • The Barbie Diaries: High School Mystery (2006)

Llamaman2. Shadow the Hedgehog. Digital Image. Gamefaqs. CBS Interactive. Web. 16 Oct 2014.

Yes, It’s a Barbie mystery game, and it’s actually decent! Most Barbie games are simple girls game. I assure you that I would not put the majority of these games as guilty pleasures.

But this game is a guilty pleasure because there is actually things to do. The mystery is decent. and it’s kinda open world. Also the mini-games are pretty fun.

It’s ironic. The one Barbie game I still like is the one based off the movie i could care less for.
That being said, If you play this, stay away from the GBA version. You have been warned.

And now the for biggest one:

  • Delgo (2008)
Delgo. Digital Image. Tvtropes. TV Tropes Foundation, LLC. Web. 17 Oct 2014.

Delgo. Digital Image. Tvtropes. TV Tropes Foundation, LLC. Web. 17 Oct 2014.

…I can’t defend this one.
The movie is terrible. It’s poorly written, the animation looks like a sub-par video game and could probably give young children nightmares. The plot is so cliched that I swear that the writers copy and pasted it from TVTropes. It’s no wonder that it bombed so hard in theaters.

…And yet I can’t hate it. Maybe it’s pity. Even though it’s so horrible, I can tell that there was a lot of love and effort put into the project. It doesn’t make the film good, but it does put a new light on it.

I’d also recommend this blog post from someone who actually worked on the film:
It’s actually pretty mature. He acknowledged that the film didn’t do well at the box office (At the time it was the lowest grossing film ever made, it’s since become the second lowest grossing), and he didn’t make up excuses. Instead, he thanked people who actually supported the project, and stated he was proud to have worked on it.

So I hope you can see why I can’t hate it.

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